Jesus Models Fishing for Small Groups

Feb 17, 2019 by: Carolyn Westin | Series: Jesus in the Midst of Small Groups | Category: Sunday Scripture: Luke 5:1–:11 Tags: Jesus, disciples, small groups, holistic

Carolyn Westin will continue our winter teaching series “Jesus in the Midst of Small Groups” for the season of Epiphany teaching from Luke 5:1-11 on “Jesus Models Fishing for Small Groups”. 


Questions for Personal and Small Group Considerations on the Sunday Gospel Reading 

Jesus Models Fishing for Small Groups  Lk 5:1-11 
1. What do you think Simon Peter was thinking in v.5? v.7? v.8?
2. How did this miracle affect Peter?
3. What is Peter beginning to grasp about Jesus? About sin? About belief in himself?
4. What was the first time, if ever, you responded o Jesus like Peter did in v. 8?
5. In your "fishing business", how do you see Jesus:
  a) Interesting but slightly irrelevant teacher?
  b) Potentially a great business partner- if you could hire him to work for you?
  c) The one who calls all the shots?