Jesus Chooses His Holistic Small Group

Feb 10, 2019 by: John Paul Westin | Series: Jesus in the Midst of Small Groups | Category: Sunday Scripture: Luke 6:12–:26 Tags: hope, faith, Jesus, Father, disciples, small groups

John Paul Westin will continue our new teaching series “Jesus in the Midst of Small Groups” for the season of Epiphany teaching from Luke 6:12-26 on “Jesus Chooses His Holistic Small Group”. 

Questions for Personal and Small Group Considerations on the Sunday Gospel Reading Luke 6:12-26

“Jesus Chooses His Holistic Small Group”   

  1. What was one of the best teams you ever belonged to? Why was it so good?
  2. In the context of chapter 6, what is significant about Jesus calling these men?

    What do you know about them? Who are brothers? Buddies? Antagonists?

  1. In 17-26, who is in the crowd? Why have they come? How does Jesus meet their

    needs? How do his actions (vv. 18-19) relate to his teaching (vv. 20-22)?

  1. What four qualities ought to define "kingdom people" (vv. 20-22)? How would you

    define each of these? What blessing is promised for each? Are these present

    blessings or future blessings?

  1. Do you see God's blessings evident in members of your small group?