Kingdom Faithfulness

Aug 20, 2017 by: Phil Appleby | Series: Summer Series 2017: The Parables of the Kingdom | Category: Sunday Scripture: Luke 16:1–:13 Tags: Jesus, trust, Law, faithfulness, kingdom, money

Welcome Back Phil!

We are so happy to have our friend Phil Appleby back with us at SJV. Phil, and his work at Outflow Ministries, is an inspiration for many in our city and beyond in seeing what can be done for God’s kingdom when people trust God and one another and step out in faith.  Let us continue to pray for Phil, Jayme, Tony, Nathanael and all who work and lead and volunteer at Outflow, that God may continue to inspire people to rise up and provide the means to do the work of restoring lives in our city that is so essential for there to be ‘hope restored’ in our province.

Kingdom Faithfulness (Luke 16:1-13)

Sometimes people think Jesus only talked about “spiritual things” but Jesus talked a lot about the responsible use of money and material possessions. In fact Jesus seemed to think that the way we use our money and possessions is spiritual at its core. How we use our money and possessions reveals what is most important to us. In this passage Jesus is calling us to invest our lives in service to him. 

Over the next week we invite you to sit down (by yourself or even better) with your small group, a friend, family member or soul-mate, and (think about) discuss the following questions:

1. Why would it be important for Jesus’ disciples to hear this parable?

2. In what crisis does the manager find himself? In light of his scheme, why does the owner commend the manager (v. 8)?

3. How does Jesus summarize this parable (v. 9)? What do you think he is commending here? How do verses 10-12 help you understand his point?

4. What’s the problem with trying to serve two masters (v. 13)? What characterizes the attitude of the Pharisees (v. 14)? How does the parable speak to them?

5. How do you view your money? How could you use it for the kingdom?

6. What are some of the masters you’ve served in the past? What masters pull at your allegiance now? How do you deal with these pressures in light of your commitment to Christ?