The Parable of The Net

Jul 23, 2017 by: John Paul Westin | Series: Summer Series 2017: The Parables of the Kingdom | Category: Sunday Scripture: Matthew 13:47–:58 Tags: Jesus, faith, parables, kingdom, fishing, net

John Paul Westin continues our summer series "The Parables of the Kingdom" teaching from Matthew 13:47-52 on Getting Caught in the Kingdom Net.  I wonder what it feels like for fish when they get caught in a net. Do they know what is happening? Are they afraid? Do they know that their lives are about to change dramatically, abruptly and decisively? Do they know their lives are about to be transformed to become food for others to live by? Jesus says the Kingdom of God is like a net. He thinks it is very, very good to get caught in the kingdom net. This is strange thinking! I think it means I have to think differently about getting caught and about the kingdom of God. What do you think?

Over the next week we invite you to sit down (by yourself or even better) with your small group, a friend, family member or soul-mate, and (think about) discuss the following questions:

  • What does the parable of the net teach about the kingdom of God?
  • How does it compare with the parable of the weeds (Mt. 13:24-30)?
  • Who are the teachers of the old Law who have been instructed in the new Gospel (v. 52)?
  • How does the hometown crowd’s response differ from that of other Israelites (vv. 54-58)? What do they “know”? How does this affect Jesus’ ministry?