The Parable of the Mustard Seed

Jul 16, 2017 by: Kurt Frank | Series: Summer Series 2017: The Parables of the Kingdom | Category: Sunday Scripture: Matthew 13:31–:33 Tags: Jesus, growth, faith, parables, love, mustard seed, yeast, salvation, free will

Kurt Frank shares this week asking a few questions for you to think about and discuss with others from the  teaching on the Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast, and the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl (Matthew 13:31-35 and 44-46)

  • What needs sorting out in your garage or basement right now? What is most likely to be found in storage: trivia, trash or treasure?
  • What do the parables in vv 44-46 teach about the value of the Kingdom of God? With what emotion and energy should it be pursued?
  • Where (in your life or in your church) have you seen faith like “yeast” or a “mustard seed” have a great impact?
  • What accountability are you now feeling for yourself? For others? To God? What are you “hearing” God call you to do as a result?