Looking to the Life Beyond

John Paul Westin shares on our ideas about how death affects the quality of our present lives. If we are able to develop a well-founded and understandable view of life beyond the grave, we are empowered to live meaningfully and abundantly in the present. Central to Jesus’ message is the promise that we can begin to live an eternal life today; we can partially experience the fullness of the kingdom of heaven here and now.

Over the next week, we invite you to sit down with your small group, a friend, family member, or soul-mate, and discuss (or if you are alone, journal about) the following:  

  1. What is one experience of the Divine Presence that you have had?
  2. How do you honestly feel about your own dying?
  3. In what one way do the New Testament convictions about the afterlife challenge or confirm your own?
  4. What aspect of heaven-life means the most to you?
  5. Talk (or journal) about your personal experience of any one of the three ways in which we can open ourselves to heaven (Be still. Live fully in the present. Let go and let God.).
  6. How do you think you can best prepare for heaven?