Overcoming Evil Within Us and Around Us

Apr 30, 2017 by: Carolyn Westin | Series: Discovering Our Spiritual Identity | Category: Sunday Scripture: Colossians 1:13–:14 Tags: Jesus, faith, relationship, hope, Father, God, struggle, discouragement, doubt, Thomas

Carolyn Westin shares with us on the topic of "Overcoming Evil Within Us and Around Us". As the beloved of God, we are thrust into an intense spiritual battle. We must recognize the dark forces opposing us while knowing that in Christ they are already defeated. As we learn to understand and overcome the evil within and around us, we have access to the victorious example and powerful presence of the resurrected Christ. We are invited to join him in overcoming evil and to become instruments of his liberating love.

Over the next week, we invite you to sit down with your small group, a friend, family member, or soul-mate, and discuss (or if you are alone, journal about) the following:

1. Write the phrase “spiritual warfare” on a sheet of paper. Brainstorm your immediate responses, as a group, to this metaphor.

2. What strikes you most about the way Jesus faces evil?

3. What is one way in which you experience yourself as a tempted human being?

4. How is God calling you, in some specific way, to set up an experiment in Calvary love?

5. “Intercessory prayer is one vital way in which we interact with God in kingdom work.” How do you respond to this comment?

6. How do you feel about the invitation to implement the victory of the cross in your own life and community?