Opening Our Hearts to God

The witness of Scripture is clear: The God who speaks is also the God who listens. We can be certain that everything we communicate to God is heard, even when we struggle to believe this is true. Growing in a prayer life of sincere conversation deepens our intimacy with God’s transforming Spirit, allows us to discover our true selves and changes the way we relate to others.

If you were not at church on Sunday you may wish to listen to the talk on our website. Over the next week we invite you to sit down with your small group, a friend, family member, or soul-mate, and discuss (or if you are alone, journal about) the following:

1. Recall and share your earliest memory of speaking with God.

2. How confident are you that God listens when you pray?

3. In what ways, if any, can you identify with the three consequences of talking with God?

4. What suggestions did you find most helpful for the deepening of your own prayer life?

5. Describe your experience of putting this suggestion into practice.

6. How would you like to develop a conversational relationship with the Holy One?