Practicing the Presence of God

Apr 2, 2017 by: Tyler Johnston | Series: Discovering Our Spiritual Identity | Category: Sunday Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:16–:18, Psalm 23, Tags: Jesus, faith, listening, gifting, spiritual gifts, calling, call, discernment

Tyler Johnston shares from1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 on how the living, actively loving presence of God pervades all things and every experience. We cannot separate the sacred from the secular, but must train ourselves to be aware of this glorious reality in every present moment. In the training process we learn to turn our mind regularly toward Christ, remain constantly thankful and do everything we do for God. Within the companionship of God’s presence and God’s family we shall be able to become all that we’re intended to be.

Over the next week we invite you to sit down with your small group, a friend, family member, or soul-mate, and discuss (or if you are alone, journal about) the following:

1. How would you describe your experience of God amidst the routines of your everyday life?

2. Share your attempts to remain aware of God’s presence during the day. What do you find most helpful?

3. When in difficult and painful circumstances, do you tend to ask “the resentment” or “the gratitude question”? Discuss your responses.

4. How would daily life be different if you sought to offer everything you did to God?

5. Select one way of deepening your awareness of God’s presence in your everyday life in the coming days, and share this resolve with your group.