Living Like Jesus

  • Every Monday until January 8, 2018 | 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Living Like Jesus: Monday Evening Application Groups

(From Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster)

Jesus lived with certain spiritual practices that enabled him to live in a “God bathed world”, seeing and hearing the Father in all things, even the silence.

Each Monday evening, we will look at a different practice and talk about how we might implement it in our lives so that we also have a greater experience of the presence, peace and power of God in our own lives.

 You are welcome to attend every evening or only the evenings that are most interesting for you. 

 October 16: Prayer

October 23: Fasting

October 30: Study 

November 6: CANCELLED

November 13: Submission

November 20: Solitude  

November 27: Confession

December 4: Service

December 11: Worship

December 18: Meditation

January 8: Guidance

January 15: Simplicity

January 22: Celebration



All welcome as we look at how we practice the things Jesus practiced, doing the same spiritual exercises he did, so that we can also live in a “God-bathed world” as he did. (Though we will be referring to the book Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster, and group members are welcome to purchase this on their own, it is not necessary to have the book for you to join this group). Hosts:  Tyler Johnston and John Paul Westin