God in the Shack with Brad Jersak

  • October 28, 2017 | 10:00am – 1:00pm


This day event will feature reflections about Paul Young's The Shack offered by Brad Jersak (PhD). We will explore ways that The Shack presents the Trinitarian God, addresses and heals oppressive images of God, replacing them with the Cruciform God of the Gospels and early church fathers. We will also address hot-button topics such as God’s love, wrath, and the problem of suffering.

Speaker: Bradley Jersak (PhD Theology) is author of A More Christlike God: A More Beautiful Gospel (2015). After 20 years of pastoring, he now serves as the editor-in-chief of CWR (Christianity Without the Religion) Magazine. Brad also teaches New Testament and Patristics at Threshold School of Ministry, Westminster Theological Centre (UK) and St Stephen’s University. 

Brad also regularly co-teaches with Paul Young, author of The Shack, at conferences in the US and Canada.  Learn more about Brad and his ministry at his website: www.bradjersak.com.

Tickets $25. For more event information, check out the Facebook Event page, email office@tsom.ca or call (506) 642-2210.

Register: To help us plan for the day, we need to know if you’re coming. Please email Threshold Ministries directly at office@tsom.ca.