Circles of Friendship

We believe that for people to grow spiritually, they must be connected relationally.


Circles of friendship are one of our primary ways to connect with others and grow in your faith at the Vineyard. While it can be easy to either get lost or to hide in a row on Sunday mornings, circles are small enough to get to know others and to be known ourselves, and to be encouraged as we seek to live in the way of Jesus.

Join us on Sunday, Sept. 20 during break as Saint John Vineyard is hosting a "Farmer's Market." But instead of cucumbers and crocheted dishcloths, it's Small Groups on offer. You can walk around the stalls, talk to leaders of the groups launching this fall, find one that fits your interests and calendar, and jump in. Get involved in one, starting with Small Group Sunday, on September 20th so don’t miss out!

Need help connecting in a circle of friendship? Want to form one of your own? Please contact us by email or call 506-648-0998.